Superheroes who play card.

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The Joker, a well-known favorite and Batman’s nemesis, is a character worth mentioning. He may not be a gambler per se, but his name is the same as that of a famous playing card character – the Joker. He is also regarded as the greatest villain in comic book history, and he was made even more legendary in the 2008 blockbuster The Dark Knight.


As a very unpredictable character, the way the Joker’s mind works and how he acts could easily be compared to many different casino games, including poker or roulette. He also makes certain that he commits crimes in the most intriguing ways possible; for example, his weapons of choice including a lot of special tools, even there was one time, Joker manage to get bazooka to shoot batman. Joker has many special weapons, I believe that Joker’s weapon inventory will somehow better than Batman’s inventory. The special thing is that Joker usually plays his game with his own razor blade, games are always including gamble because Joker is a man of gamble, business also killings. He always bet his life on his terrified missions and is famous for playing with other’s life, it is also a point that we can prove that he’s one of the toughest nemesis among all the superheroes! 

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He is not as well-known now as many of the others mentioned below, so if you are rolling your eyes, that is understandable. He might not appear in a film any time soon. He is called after blackjack, one of the most popular casino games of all time (even online), which is a funny coincidence. As we all knows that Black Jack table in the casino is always crowded, not only in physical casino but online casino nowadays. Many people loves to have fun or entertain themselves around the Black Jack table. It’s very lovely as well because the table are always crowded with people who loves to play Black Jack and it’s a competitive game as well. 


The life biography of police detective Jack Jones is rather fascinating. He is a pretty intelligent man who also enjoys playing blackjack. Two mobsters enticed Jack into a cramped space, where he was likely left to perish and fight. He was fortunate to have the ace of spades with him which is also his superpower. To active his superpower he must bring the ace of spade on the fighting field as well or else he will loose opportunity to fight back at all time. The card became his alter ego once he successfully used it to flee. One of his super powers is to attack with the power of ace. As we all knew that in poker cards, the ace of spade is the most prestigious symbol among all, it’s most respected and in poker games, spade is always the biggest and ace of spade sometimes are the biggest among all cards but depends on games. 


Games like roulette doesn’t even use poker cards to have fun with it, all they need is the roulette ball also the plate. 

It’s very important that all of the symbol here aren’t just defined as a card game but as well as the numbers. Ace and King mostly plays a big role in every game but there are some card games in the south east Asia where 2 is the biggest number instead of King and Ace. 


Because Amos Fortune was so fascinated by luck, he was able to identify the “luck glands,” which are thought to be responsible for both good and bad luck. He advanced the situation by founding the Royal Flush Gang, which competed against the Justice League.

Amos Fortune was the Ace since he is the leader. The gang was made up of solely playing card villains with the titles of King, Queen, Ten, and Jack. The initial gang was made up of clubs; Green Lantern developed a second group using spades; and over time, the gang grew to include all four suits.

The Royal Flush Gang also named after the casino game, poker and Texas Hold’em. Royal Flush is one of the signs where a straight flush including ace, king, queen, jack and tel all in the same suit, which is the hand of the highest possible value to win the poker game. Not only that ace king queen jack and ten could do this but you can also present royal flush with one, two, three, four, five. As long as the symbol is ascending accordingly then it would be applicable!