Celebrities who plays as superheroes.

wolverine image

Wolverine is the superhero that Hugh Jackman plays Wolverine is a superhero with super strength and agility. He has two Adamantium claws in each hand, which can cut through almost anything. He grew up as an orphan who was abused by his foster parents. His only friends were other kids who were also being abused by their families. As an adult, he fights bad guys who hurt people just like he did when he was young. He also gets revenge on the people who hurt him when he was younger. He has been known to fight the likes of Sabertooth and Omega Red among others.




Batman is the superhero that Ben Affleck plays

The Dark Knight also known as the Batman nowadays. One of the episode of Batman’s movie played by Ben Affleck is named as The Dark Knight, Batman only fight during the night time so it’s named after his fighting habits, style and lifestyle as Bruce Wayne. A masked vigilante who uses his superhuman strength and agility along with a wide array of gadgets to fight crime in Gotham City. He is known for his no-kill policy and will always try to capture criminals alive instead of killing them.

He has an arsenal of gadgets including Batarangs (bat-shaped boomerangs), smoke pellets, flash bang grenades, grappling hooks, and more which he uses to outsmart and defeat his foes.


His arch enemies include The Joker (who killed his parents when he was a child), The Penguin (a gangster), and Two-Face (an insane dual personality).

wonderwomen standing side to side

Wonder Woman is the superhero that Gal Gadot plays


Wonder-woman is the Princess of Amazons her self. Her superpower is strength and speed, somewhat similar to superman.. I have a golden lasso which forces people to tell the truth, and a sword which can cut through anything but magic. My enemies include Cheetah, who can turn into a panther; Giganta who’s really tall; and Doctor Poison who makes people sick.


My weapons are my fists, feet, and my golden lasso. I fight for peace and justice!

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Captain America is the superhero that Chris Evans plays!



Captain America’s all-time personal introduction!


I’m an American soldier and a superhero. My goal in life is to protect my country from its enemies.


I’m a perfect example of what a person can achieve when they have discipline and determination. I’ve always been interested in helping people, and this has given me great satisfaction in my work as well as my personal life.


I have great respect for anyone who puts their own needs aside to help others who are less fortunate than themselves. It’s important that we all do our part in making this world a better place!