Celebrities who enjoyed casino.

What would you do if you knew that many famous people gambled?



These are not professional gamblers, just famous people who enjoy gambling. They enjoy playing such games online and love casinos, especially when there are incentives like Mecca Games’ free spins. The majority of them donate their gains to charity, while some keep the money and continue to gamble. Here are a few high profile people you might run across coincidently in a casino.

matt damon



Aside from being famous, Matt Damon is a skilled blackjack and poker player. His performance in Rounders marked the beginning of everything. Damon decided to study under Johnny Chan in order to perform the part as best as he possibly could. One of the top players of his sort in the world, he is a professional poker player. He taught Damon everything he knows about the game, which he still practices frequently. About what he is doing with his winnings, not a lot is known. 



Damon is not afraid to gamble, and he even takes part in a number of tournaments. He prefers to gamble at casinos with a good reputation for paying out. These casinos offer the best payout rates among online venues, so you might want to check them out. Today’s greatest payout online casinos are all worthwhile investments that, with a little luck of course, can help you win big.

bradd pitt

Brad Pitt





You are all familiar with both this celebrity and the film Ocean’s 11. Pitt played the lead in this film, and while training for the part, he found a new hobby. We’re gambling here. He seems to favor poker, blackjack, and, contrary to what you might believe, real or even online slots. He claims that playing is incredibly exciting, and he intends to keep playing for as long as he can. Pitt didn’t start gambling until his part in the aforementioned movie, which is an interesting fact.

paris hilton

Paris Hilton

In Las Vegas, it’s not unusual to run into Paris Hilton. You already know that this is the heart of gambling and that casino games are rather widespread in this city. Hilton spent $30.000 on casino games. She participates in online casino games, so you may actually watch and play with a celebrity in a casino game. Hilton also regularly participates in both offline and online casino games, and we all know this.

50 cent

50 Cent

You should avoid playing against 50 Cent when you enjoy gambling. He staked up to $2 million on the San Francisco 49ers and Manny Pacquiao, respectively (in a match playing against New York Giants). He is a lucky player you already know about because he won these bets. He has a reputation for being one of the world’s most passionate gamers and one of the famous people who frequently wins bets. 50 Cent not only he’s famous for his gambling he is a man of word yet a man of business. He will not only bet on money, he even once bet with his words and it may comes with unpredictable consequences that would hurt people around him. This is one of the reason that he as a gambler and still respected by huge numbers of other celebrities or the citizens of america.