Roulette ground rules and strategy.

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As we all knew that nowadays, roulette is a huge game in the casino and most of the table which obtains a roulette table could be crowded by players who loves their time in the casino. Even celebrities like Paris Hilton, Kanye West, Kevin Hart and Neymar.Jr enjoys their time in casino having fun with roulette or other crowded game like baccarat and so on. 

In this blog, I would love to introduce you the basic or roulette and the strategies to implement inside your roulette game. 


The game of roulette always begins with the participants placing wagers, after which the dealer wills a ball into the rotating wheel. The process still allows for wagers from players. The croupier/dealer tells the gamblers gathered around the table who are placing bets, “No more bets,” while the ball is spinning at the roulette wheel. Players are prohibited from placing wagers at that same moment. The roulette ball lands on a particular number. Winners who placed bets on the number, section, or color will get payouts in accordance with their odds of winning. 


Here’s the specialty of roulette, you can place your bet in different methods of playing, because in roulette you will see types of playing method. 

how to play roulette

The Inside Bet


By putting your wager on the corresponding number or numbers on the layout, you can bet one or more numbers. You win 35 to 1 on that number if your number or one of your numbers happens to come up. The house edge for the American double-zero wheel is 5.26 percent, compared to 2.70 percent for the European single-zero wheel.


By setting your chip(s) on the line between two numbers, you can put this wager on several numbers. If either number falls, there is a 17 to 1 payout. The house edges for the American double-zero wheel are 5.26, whereas those for the European single-zero wheel are 2.70.


With so many titles, you’d assume the wager would win thousands to one. Nope. It’s just a simple three-number wager. By positioning your chips on the outside edge of the three digits, you place the wager. When you win, you get paid 11 to 1. The house edge varies between 2.70 percent on the European single-zero wheel and 5.26 percent on the double-zero American wheel.


One of the four chosen numbers will win, according to the wager. Only if the four numbers form a square will the wager be accepted, hence the wager’s cunning moniker, “The Square.” The junction where all four numbers come together is where the wager is made. A successful wager pays 8 to 1. The house edge is 5.26 percent on American double-zero wheels and 2.70 percent on European single-zero wheels.

The Beast


Only American double-zero wheels provide this wager. It contains five digits: 00, 00, 1, 2, and 3. A winning bet pays out at a 6 to 1 ratio. The house edge is 7%, so hold on to your hearts! In order to reduce the house edge to 5%, it is advisable to simply place one or more chips on each of the five numbers you want to wager on.



This wager is placed on the outer edges of the six numbers you want to wager on. The odds of winning are 5 to 1. On American double-zero wheels, the house edge is 5%, while on European single-zero wheels, it is 2.5%.